Chiropractors Idaho Falls

For some reason the chiropractic industry has gotten a lot of criticism over the years about the validity and effectiveness of the type of treatment offered. Chiropractors Idaho Falls is no exception. Below is a list of the truth about the top ten false fabrications about the chiropractic industry.

Myth One: Chiropractic care has never been scientifically proven to work

One of the reasons why chiropractic treatment struggled to be recognized as a legitimate method to heal back and neck pain, among other conditions, is because it doesn’t follow traditional medical methods and was considered an alternative method. Specific chiropractic colleges have been built around the world based upon the scientific evidence that this type of therapy works.

Myth Two: Chiropractic certification consists of a 3-day course

Becoming a chiropractor is a lot more intensive than most educational paths. In most states, one must obtain a bachelor’s degree with at least 90 credits of undergraduate coursework in the chemistry, biology, and physics subjects. There are several prerequisites that must be completed before being accepted into a specific chiropractic college. Chiropractic college is a 4 year degree program, where students are required to do an internship at a chiropractic clinic. After all educational requirements have been met they have to pass a three-part national exam in order to become a licensed chiropractor. In order to keep this license they are required to complete continuing education courses on a yearly basis.

Myth Three: Being a chiropractor is not an accepted occupation

The education and licenses that chiropractors are required to obtain are from accredited colleges and recognized by the National Board of Chiropractors.

Myth Four: More harm is caused through chiropractic treatment

This claim came about when it was rumored that chiropractic treatment have the potential to cause strokes. This claim was debunked when a study showed that patients are as equally likely to have stroke when receiving medical attention from their general doctor. Both general doctors and chiropractors care for individuals who are already on the path to suffer a stroke, which goes unnoticed in most cases.

Myth Five: Chiropractors are not considered or recognized as real medical doctors

This myth has some truth to it; chiropractors aren’t actual medical doctors. Chiropractors get their degree as a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) whereas doctors get their degree as a Medical Doctor (M.D.)

Myth Six: Every chiropractic patient is required to get an x-ray

This is completely false. Patients who receive x-rays from their chiropractor is because it is needed in order to treat and heal specific personalized conditions. Chiropractors are certified in taking and reading x-rays and must follow strict guidelines when performing this service.

X-Ray of Spine

Myth Seven: Popping the back isn’t healthy for the body

It may seem like all chiropractors do is crack or pop bones in hopes that it aligns the spinal cord properly. Their work isn’t guesswork. Chiropractors administer precise impulses to specific joints to help stretch the receptors and/or muscles to bring the back into normal functionality.

Myth Eight: Chiropractic treatment is limited to the spinal cord

Although chiropractors treat issues with the back they also provide treatment for problems dealing with nerves, joints, and muscles. Chiropractors are trained in other medical conditions outside of their scope of treatment in order to help identify other possible serious conditions that they can address or advise other medical treatment.

Myth Nine: All medical problems can be cured by simply adjusting the spinal cord

When chiropractic treatment first began in the 1800s this was the believed viewpoint. As time goes on and more research is done advancements are made. This is true for the majority of industries. Chiropractic treatment will continue to advance as long as the human body is researched in all applications.

Myth Ten: All chiropractors care about is lining their pockets with your money

Unlike a lot of medical treatments and/or insurances chiropractic treatment is not free or covered. The most common answer you’ll get when asking chiropractors why they became a chiropractor is to provide an alternative method of care that isn’t obtainable anywhere else. They understand that their occupation is specialized and often go to great lengths to help their patients with reduced or free treatments because they wholeheartedly believe that what they do is effective in healing the body.